Paul made this art with the sun and a magnifying glass:

The art of decorating a material with burn marks is called pyrography – “writing with fire”. It can be done using a tip heated by fire or electricity, or using sunlight through a lens – Paul used a magnifying […]

‘Tis the season

We have had an extremely busy insanely great December! Due to people having time off from work and travelers wanting to spend the holiday season with a community, our group is larger than normal. We’ve had people coming through from Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, and India. All of our visitors have […]

Day of the Dead Mural

Every year we put together an ofrenda for Day of the Dead, or Día de los Muertos. An ofrenda is a shrine we build to honor friends and relatives (and, in Bosque style, altering the traditions a bit to include pets, body parts, or whatever else seems right). This year Margret painted a mural on […]

Firing clay

Brenda, one of our awesome resident volunteers, has been experimenting with clay in her free time. Out of several volunteers and visitors who talked about figuring out a way to fire pottery, Brenda is the first to put the clay into the fire. Quite literally.

Rather than messing […]

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