Preserving the forest art

We finally sealed this sculpture that Beto worked with off and on whenever he offered a carving class. It isn’t finished, but will at least be preserved through the rains until he can come back to work on it again.

Beto is the artist who carved the Bosque totem pole.


Bosque Photo Collage

A couple of years ago on a trip to Seattle, Brian and I put together a photo album with the various photos we had collected from events and visitors. We had printed out two copies of each photo, intending to duplicate the album here at the Bosque.

Well, intentions are different than actions, and […]

New Mural by Brandi

Brandi stayed with us for a total of a month. She’s a wonderful person and contributed to both the vibe of the Bosque and also the art! During her time here she painted an absolutely amazing mural on an exterior wall of the Casita.

When guests inquire about painting a mural, Brian usually lets […]

Photos on Flickr

Jacky, who has been volunteering with us for nearly two months, recently updated our flickr photo page. The collections and sets were about 6 months out of date. He selected the best photos to add to sets, which can give people a better idea of Bosque life.

We solicited Jacky’s help because of his […]

Silk Screening Workshop

Cathy and Caitlin led a silk screening workshop! During the workshop participants designed images to print onto jeans, pieces of fabric, shirts, and hats.

The process is surprisingly simple and produces really nice results. Paul designed a turtle, Peggy designed something that is not Kokopelli but looks like him, and Silvia made a print of […]

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