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Be part of a food revolution. At the Bosque, the emphasis on healthy living and active lifestyles involves consuming healthy, hearty foods that leave us nourished and satisfied. Our mission is to provide a well planned, interesting menu for all who visit or live at Bosque Village. Three vegetarian meals a day are included for all guests and residents, along with plenty of fruit for snacking in between meals.

Tindu Kitchen uses safe food handling techniques. All raw food is disinfected, and all water used is safe. We do not permit guests to help in the kitchen – though we welcome help on non-food related chores! We do offer several classes for those interested in learning cooking techniques, such as making homemade corn tortillas or baking traditional Mexican breads.

Basic food allergies can be accommodated; please be sure to let us know about any allergies before you visit. We recommend to those who are not accustomed to eating vegetables or whole grains: start introducing vegetables and legumes into your diet a week prior to your arrival!

Lunch and dinner are cooked with care for guests every day. Depending on how many guests are staying with us, we either provide a prepared breakfast or visitors cook their own breakfast, with ingredients we provide, in a shared kitchen.

Lunch is served at 2:00pm. Fitting with Mexican tradition, lunch is the heartiest meal of the day.

Dinner is served around 7:30pm, and is usually a light soup with bread.

Fruit is provided in several locations all day. Guests are welcome to bring additional snacks such as nuts and dried fruit. Please don’t bring packaged food products such as chips or candy to the Bosque. Coffee and tea are only offered during special events – for those who need a dose of caffeine in the morning, we suggest you bring some coffee with you.

Example Menu

  • Monday
    Lunch Bean-stuffed gorditas with roasted salsa, shredded carrot salad, and pineapple chunks.
    Dinner Curried carrot soup with bread
  • Tuesday
    Lunch Vegetable stir-fry served over brown rice with a side salad of jicima and lime.
    Dinner Vegetarian “chile” with sour cream and bread
  • Wednesday
    Lunch Korean style pancakes with spicy ginger sauce. Homemade fermented kimchi and green salad on the side.
    Dinner Creamy potato soup spiked with roasted garlic, bread
  • Thursday
    Lunch Curry with sweet potatoes and chard served over brown rice, topped with an optional dollop of homemade yogurt. Raw beet salad and papaya.
    Dinner Minestrone and bread
  • Friday
    Lunch Hummus with flour tortillas, served with tomatoes, red onions, cucumber and avocado. Green side salad with vinegrette, and watermelon slices.
    Dinner Lentil dal, bread
  • Saturday
    Lunch Homemade pasta tossed with herbs and olive oil, served with steamed broccoli and carrots.
    Dinner Sopa de frijol – Mexican style bean soup, with bread
  • Sunday
    Lunch Guajillo-chile seasoned pinto beans with fresh homemade corn tortillas, salsa, and diced onion. Served with a raw sweet potato salad and steamed chayote.
    Dinner Comforting vegetable and brown rice soup and bread

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