Visiting the Bosque as a participant.

Visiting participant Program

The Bosque Village is no longer open to the public. You can apply to visit and participate.

We share our activities online to educate and entertain!

The Bosque is challenging and rewarding. We are working hard to create a better human culture using less resources.
If you come to the Bosque Village, you will be pushed to learn new things. You will live with less resources and become stronger. Participants only. No spectators.

All participants must be over 21 years old, healthy, and able to walk several kilometers without difficulty.

Most weeks, some participants will be asked to leave to make room for new ones.

Some will be selected to stay longer and play more complex roles in building the Bosque society.

  • Packing List. Bring what you need. We are remote.
  • Rules. Gotta have rules to make the place work well. If you don’t love our rules, don’t come!

Who will you be in the Bosque with?
The Bosque hosts hundreds of people from all over the world.

You will work with the Bosque crew and residents. Some do not speak English. However English is common among visiting Participants.

Where will you sleep?
Novice participants stay in Bosque tents or shared cabanas. Often a cabana is available for those staying longer than a week. Beds, blankets and pillows are provided. Upgrades to better accommodations are possible for those staying longer.

Fill out the Participant Application:   Initial Application to be a Bosque Participant.

Tell us as much as you like about your skills and interests so we can work together to make an enriching experience for everyone.

After you fill out the form, we will let you know if we have a space for you at that time. If we don’t have open positions or projects for your skill set we will keep you in mind for future times when you are available.

We will arrange a time to have a Skype conversation to get to know each other better.

How to stay longer: Some participants are working to fill a role, or create a business so they can live at the Bosque longer or make it their home. They can apply for more advanced roles in the Bosque. There are positions in teaching, the kitchens, activities, business development, design and much more.

Teams which accept short term participants:  Bosque Performers, Bosque Construction, and Bosque Granjas.  Most other teams require training to join. Participants may serve on more than one team.

Bosque Performers

  • Short term participants accepted. .
  • Hours: Depending on the performance requirements.
  • Typical tasks: Writing and performing Bosque songs to be release as Creative Commons, Teaching performance skills to other participants, creating theater with Bosque or Permaculture themes, designing and sewing costumes, leading theatre or improvisation games, leading singing around the campfire, and…. who know what else?
  • Bring your skills and creative ideas.

Bosque Broadcasting

The Bosque broadcasts videos and other media to the internet. We need photographers and videographers as well as video editors!
Prior experience and a good portfolio can get you on this team. You can also make your application to join this team after you have already volunteered on another team for a while and have proven creative documentation skills.

  • Videoing Bosque activities. Working with editors to improve relevant video capture. Training other participants to capture their own quality video.
  • Editing and uploading Bosque media. Supporting the release of Bosque created art, performance, and education to the world. Much will be released as creative commons.
  • Special projects: Work with Bosque Studios and performers to create amazing media.

Bosque Construction

  • Short term participants accepted. One of the easiest teams to get onto, but has the hardest physical work.
  • Hours: fixed hours of 8 am to 1:30 p.m..
  • Typical tasks: Digging trails, building foundations for buildings made of earth, mixing cob and adobe, applying plaster finish to buildings, carving beams.
  • Be ready for a hard day of work. Wear hard sole shoes. Bring a water bottle as your worksite may be remote. Have a notebook and pen or a way to take notes.

Bosque Granjas

  • Short term participants accepted. Easy to get on the team. Work varies from very hard to medium.
  • Hours: fixed hours of 8 am to 1:30 p.m..
  • Typical tasks:  Harvesting fertilizer from the chicken and rabbit pens, digging new gardens, planting seeds, planting starts and trees, watering plants, hauling compost in wheelbarrows, making cuttings of plants, collecting eggs, butchering rabbits, tanning hides.

Bosque Estudios

The Bosque studios organize people to create more art and to display it well.
You can make your application to join this team after you have already volunteered on the Construction or Garden team for a few days.

  • Usually the work is general. Cleaning the studio. Giving classes. Assisting classes. Shooting portraits of guests.  Lending out costumes. Face painting.
  • Special projects: Graphic design – if you have your own computer to do it on.
  • Special projects: Run writers workshops, recruit artists and performers. Plan and perform spectacles.
  • Resident Artist: for artists who are wanting to focus fully on an art project. Painting murals, making large sculptures, helping the Construction team make beautiful buildings. Make your proposal. One month or longer preferred.

Bosque Administration

You can make your application to join this team after you have already volunteered on another team for a while.
Mexican Lawyer needed!

  • Researches, writes and edits content related to the Bosque and permaculture.
  • Maintains and grows the Bosque social media presence
  • Special projects: Graphic design – if you have your own computer to do it on.
  • Helps with other Administrative tasks. Tell us what you can help with.
  • Fundraising via donations, grant or developing other sources of income.
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