Visiting the Bosque as a participant.

Visiting participant Program

The Bosque Village is no longer open to the public. You can apply to visit and participate.

The Bosque is challenging and rewarding. We are working hard to create a better human culture using less resources.
If you come to the Bosque Village, you will be pushed to learn new things. You will live with less resources and become stronger.

Who will you be in the Bosque with?
The Bosque hosts creative, intelligent people from all over the world.
You will work and learn with the Bosque crew and residents. Some do not speak English. However English is common among visiting Participants.
There are times of the year when there are up to 20 participants, and others when the Bosque is just a lonely hermit. Ask in your application if that matters to you.

Participant Programs

  • Short Term Volunteering – One week to a month. Fee of $200 pesos/per person/night. Works varies widely.
  • Internships and Permaculture training Ecobuilding, Minimum one month stay is required. $1000 USD/month.
  • Resident Volunteers. Filling a specific needed role in the community for longer time periods. Arrangements vary.
  • Residents. Arrangements vary.

    Pragmatic Issues

    • Packing List. Bring what you need. We are remote. We believe in Radical Self Reliance.
    • Rules. Gotta have rules to make the place work well. If you don’t love our rules, don’t come!


    Participants stay in shared cabanas. Beds, blankets and pillows are provided. Upgrades to better accommodations are possible for those staying longer. You can increase your changes of being selected if you sleep in your camper, or can camp out.
    Hot showers are not available. We do use the sauna once or twice a week which keeps us cleaner than showers would.
    Electricity is barely available; Just enough for charging batteries during the day, and for LED lights at night in some spaces.

    The Application Process

    Fill out the Participant Application: Initial Application to be a Bosque Participant.

    Tell us as much as you like about your skills and interests so we can work together to make an enriching experience for everyone. You may be surprised at what might be applicable. It is particularly useful if you can teach locals skills to enrich the community after you go.

    All participants must be over 18 years old, healthy, and able to walk several kilometers without difficulty while carrying a backpack.
    Participants sign a liability release and a model release so we can make videos documenting Bosque activities and share our innovations with the world.
    Preferred participant attributes: A strong sense of emotional and physical personal responsibility. Good humor. Good in front of the camera.
    Skills wanted: Musical, medical, circus activities (juggling, hula hoop tricks etc.), Bilingual (English and Spanish), construction, woodworking,
    Very special skills: Skilled experienced videographers, video editing, fundraising via sponsors or crowdfunding. Graphic design,
    Attributes which are not welcome: Mooching, Psuedoscience, Psuedospirituality, anger issues. There is no smoking of any kind here.

    After you fill out the form, we will let you know if we have a space for you at that time. If we don’t have open positions or projects for your skill set we will keep you in mind for future times when you are available.

    We will arrange a time to have a phone or webcam conversation to get to know each other better.

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