Better late than never…

There are two seasons in the highlands: rainy and dry.

When the rainy season finally decides to grace us with its presence, we get very relieved. This year the dry season seemed to last forever… The forest is thirsty. The people are too hot!

It seems that now, mid-June, the season has finally changed. […]

Pine Beetle Plague

Since December we have been fighting a plague in our pine trees. This has involved cutting down over 300 pine trees in the forest – for those who have been to the Bosque you will notice a big difference in the Dimple, the Mesa, and the entrance from the nearby village.

The culprit is the […]

‘Tis the season

We have had an extremely busy insanely great December! Due to people having time off from work and travelers wanting to spend the holiday season with a community, our group is larger than normal. We’ve had people coming through from Canada, USA, Mexico, France, Australia, Italy, England, Germany, and India. All of our visitors have […]

Giant Medieval Tables of Greatness

Trevor and Forest are so great. They designed and built an incredible table for the terraza, where we eat lunch and dinner as a community. It is HEAVY, super sturdy, strong enough to dance on, and will last a hundred years.

Below, Forest on the left and Trevor on the right. They are putting together […]

The forest is healing

It appears that the forest here is healing. Continuing 50 year process of healing after being cut down.

A local who had know this forest since he was a child, his father was the caretaker of this land and collected resin from the pine trees says….

He says: There are more birds visiting my land […]

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