Thank you! Without the support of the people who contribute their time, money, and support to the Bosque, it cannot exist. As we develop businesses, recruit residents, and are part of the local communities, we really appreciate those who participate and help us survive.

Donations: money
Monetary donations are used for the following:

  • Purchasing plants and seeds
  • Educational books and videos
  • Projects involving local communities
  • Construction materials
  • Sponsor a visitor – at the request of the donor, we can put aside the funds to pay for the stay of a visitor who cannot afford the cost.

We are happy to work with donors or partners who have interest in a particular project.

We accept donations via Paypal or, if you are in Mexico, you can deposit directly to our bank account. Contact us for the account information.

Donate to The Bosque Village. One time donation.

Bosque Village Subscription $1

Bosque Village Subscription $5

Donations: books
We have an wishlist. A lot of the books in our wishlists were suggested to us by visitors interested in the project. Our library is available to visitors who are interested in learning about a variety of topics related to the Bosque Village.

My Wish List



Donations: objects
For people traveling to us, or willing to ship items, we are in need of cameras which can take video to document and share the Bosque Village. Warm clothing (sweaters, hats, coats, gloves), shoes, rain gear (rain jackets, umbrellas, waterproof shoes), LED headlamps, used laptop computers. We donate hundreds of items of clothing to people in local villages and also to volunteers and visitors in need. Shoes are always appreciated.

Other used items we love to receive include musical instruments and costumes!

Contact us for shipping information.

Volunteer remotely
There are a lot of different ways to help us remotely. Some ideas include:

  • Botanists or people with experience in plant identification can help us organize our plant wiki.
  • Organized people with good written communication can help us organize and add to the Bosque wiki.
  • Writers can help us by working on articles. Grant writers can propose ideas about various grants we may be eligible for.
  • Translators are needed to help translate blog entries, websites, the wiki pages, and more.
  • Occasionally we are in need of people with programming skills.
  • Help find telecommuting opportunities and online work for residents.
  • Transcription.
  • Graphic design.
  • Video editing.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering remotely.

Volunteer on-site
We occasionally have opportunities for work-exchange for people with specialized skills who can commit to a long term stay. Please contact us if you believe you have a skill-set that we could use here at the Bosque. We are interested in:

  • Certified instructors: yoga, Spanish, English, permaculture, etc.
  • Kitchen manager: please have 2+ years working in a professional kitchen environment.
  • Garden manager: please have 2+ years working in agriculture.
  • Art program manager
  • Documentation manager: experienced in video editing, photography, and journalism.

Refer your friends who would be interested in the project! We rely mainly on word of mouth rather than advertising, and are looking for visitors and residents who are enthusiastic about the Bosque. We do not want to be a resort destination! We’d rather continue as a community of like-minded individuals improving ourselves and the world around us.

You and your friends can add us on facebook

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