Thank you! Without the support of the people who contribute their time, money, and support to the Bosque, it cannot exist. As we develop businesses, recruit residents, and are part of the local communities, we really appreciate those who participate and help us thrive.

The best way to be part of Bosque Village is to subscribe to the aspect of the project you like best! By choosing what to contribute to, you shape the future of the Bosque. Your donation is a vote for what you want to see more of!

  • Donations for supporting participants : These donations help us accept a wider diversity of Bosque participants you can see in our videos!
  • Donations by projects : We have all kinds of cool project! You decide what areas we should work on!
  • Donations for residents : Keep Brian Fey and other residents living the simple life and serving you.
  • Coming soon: big projects for big donors.
  • Coming soon: Sponsors.
  • Coming soon: Partnerships with foundations.

Subscribing to the general fund gives us flexibility to use donations where they are most needed!

Monthly Donation

This Paypal button is for a one time donation!


Bank Transfers: You can deposit directly to our bank account. Please let us know you have made a donation and the amount. Contact
Contribute with a direct bank deposit to Santander:
Bank name: Banco Santander (Mexico) S.A.
Account: 014506920021199023
Account name: “Alianza Intercultural Sustentable AIS”

Donations: Amazon Wishlist. These are products we can use, and some we would like to review!

My Wish List


Donations: Objects
If you prefer to send things in good condition to us:

  • Digital cameras which can take video to document and share the Bosque Village.
  • Warm clothing (sweaters, hats, coats, gloves), shoes, rain gear (rain jackets, umbrellas, waterproof shoes)
  • Laptop computers. We donate hundreds of items of clothing to people in local villages and also to volunteers and visitors in need.
  • We love to receive include musical instruments and costumes!
    Ask if you have other ideas of what you would like to donate to see if we could use it here! And please let us know if you are sending a package and thee tracking information so we check at our address in town and Make sure it gets here!: Contact

    Shipping address:
    Brian Fey/Abarrotes La Pasadita
    Calle 5 de Mayo #33
    Yotatiro, Michoacan 61634

    Online promotion
    Refer your friends who would be interested in the project! We rely on word of mouth rather than advertising, and are looking for participants and residents who are enthusiastic about the Bosque.

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