Picnic to La Cascada de Piedras

There is a small pool and cool rock formations just fifteen minutes hike from the Bosque. For fun, we packed up cauliflower from our gardens, cucumber from a friend’s garden, homemade hummus and homemade flatbread, and went for a quick picnic.

We’re thinking of putting a geocache at this particular spot. Do any of […]

Recording the Harvest

Since June we’ve been fairly diligent about weighing the produce from our gardens and the fruit trees. This year we’ve had pretty good success. We haven’t bought fruits or vegetables from town besides some mangos that were too inexpensive to pass up, a papaya (I miss it and we can’t grow it easily), and […]

Lizard Tails

Lizards drop their tails if they are very frightened, or if a predator has them by the tail. We did not frighten this one (much) but found it already tailless. Brian snapped a quick photo.

Lizards stay close to their hidden homes so when the sun is out we can reliably see a lizard […]


We’ve been going on daily hikes around the dirt roads near the Bosque. During the rainy season, we took our walks early to be sure to be home before the rain hit in the afternoon.

One morning we went out particularly early and saw just how many spiders live alongside the road. I was […]

We’re back!

Hi Bosque friends and families!

Apologies for the extremely long, ridiculously long hiatus of updates, photos, and blog entries. I only realized how long it’s been when Brian’s mom e-mailed asking if everything here was going all right.


It turns out everything is going pretty well.

We’re behind on all of our online stuff […]

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