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Getting to Bosque Village is easy, provided you read the instructions, watch the appropriate video, and plan ahead.

General Information
We are located above a small village called Erongarícuaro. Erongarícuaro is located across Lake Pátzcuaro from Pátzcuaro.

Pátzcuaro is one hour away from Morelia.

  • To get to Bosque Village via public transportation, take a bus to Morelia. From Morelia, get on a bus to Pátzcuaro. And finally, from Pátzcuaro, the most popular option is to get into a taxi and drive directly to Bosque Village. The cost from Morelia to Bosque Village is around 250 pesos MXN (around $25USD). Plan on 3 hours transport from Morelia to Bosque Village.
  • To get to Bosque Village via personal vehicle: We will send along a map, GPS coordinates if necessary, and very detailed instructions. You’ll either drive directly in to the Bosque, or park in a nearby village and be guided into the forest on foot. The road to the Bosque is quite bumpy, but regular cars can make it. Plan on two hours transport from Morelia to Bosque Village.

When you fill out your reservation form you will let us know how you plan to arrive (public or private transport) and whether you speak Spanish. This will help us send you the appropriate directions and links to videos that will help you arrive smoothly.

Unfortunately we do not have exact bus schedule information from large cities to Pátzcuaro or Morelia.

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