Why measure rainfall?

We’re keeping good records of our rainfall this year. The rain gauge above is the measurement tool we use.

A few years ago we kept diligent records and made a graph of the summer rainfall. Since then, we’ve been a bit lax on our record keeping. But, measuring rainfall is very important to us for three main reasons:

  1. We can compare the amount of rainfall with how well (or not well) our vegetable gardens do. This can help us determine just how important fluctuations in precipitation are to the success of our gardens. One year we had a three week break in the rains during July which crushed our harvest output.
  2. Recording rainfall for consecutive years can teach us about fluctuations from year to year, and can help us plan accordingly as we learn nature’s patterns. Most importantly, we learn when to plant seeds to allow plants to mature without irrigation.
  3. Recording rainfall and making graphs is really cool. 🙂

Do any of you record rainfall or temperature patterns?

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