Volunteer Spotlight: Brenda

Brenda volunteered at the Bosque for a little over 3 months.  She has a degree in graphic design and is a freelance photographer and graphic artist.  At the Bosque she contributed to a wide variety of projects, from a mosaic countertop to creating the new Bosque logo.  Brenda is an incredibly responsible and very intelligent person, and was a pleasure to be around.  She was very patient with our Spanish and helped us improve by giving us some lessons.  She also handled a juggling act of working on about 50 projects at a time, which drives some volunteers nuts.

Brenda’s projects at the Bosque included leading cob (natural building with formed adobe), painting a tarot board, creating a logo, working on developing our Spanish language program, creating a nice editable version of our map, repairing and making a mosaic on the Casita countertop with Trevor, and designing and making our new schedule board.  In her free time Brenda worked on photography, clay, making jewelry, and doing yoga.  She happened to be here during a particularly stressful time for Brian and I, and was always a nice, calm presence in the midst of our frustrations.

Brenda is an extremely talented artist.  You can see some of her photography here.
Thanks Brenda!  You’re welcome back anytime!

Working on the Casita countertop with Trevor:

Working on the schedule board:

Her logo in use for the schedule board:

With MaryFer, Shalanda and Becky during the Virgo birthday party she helped organize:

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