Volunteer Spotlight: Niklas

Niklas volunteered at the Bosque for two and a half months.

He saw all sides of the Bosque Village. Â He was here through a large social event with 50 people, through slow times with just 2 volunteers, and through normal times with our average crowd of around 10 people. Â Niklas is easy going, […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jacky

Jacky is an incredible person on a two-year voyage which started in Mexico. We feel so privileged that Jacky was able to spend 10 weeks of his journey volunteering at the Bosque.

Originally Jacky signed up to volunteer for 4 weeks. As he began extending his stay, we began giving him more responsibility, until at […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Judith

Judith participated at the Bosque as a resident volunteer for 5 months. She spent a year total in Mexico, first volunteering at a school teaching English, and then moving to the Bosque to learn about eco-village living, natural building, activity leading, and permaculture.

And how we miss her!

During her time here Judith learned how […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Rose

Wonderful Rose! Rose volunteered at the Bosque for 11 weeks. We miss her hard work, her subtle sense of humor, and the fun moments when she surprises you by breaking away from her normally quiet demeanor to say something witty or outrageous. Her laugh is contagious and her eagerness to learn made her a wonderful […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Matt

Matt volunteered at the Bosque for a little over four weeks. During his time here he built tables, shelving, and a chicken house. He helped fix the grey water system at the Casita, worked with Chilino to build a roof for the chicken coop, and worked with Benjamin to build amazing seating for our sauna.


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