A Giant Solar Oven in our Future!

For years, we have been on the look-out for an old satellite dish, hoping to find one to create a solar oven. The dish can be covered in foil or reflective material, pointed at the sun, and its focal point will have lots of […]

New Solar Oven: Olla Solar

The sun provides ample energy every day. It’s up to us to figure out how to harvest that energy and put it into use. Our new solar oven can bake two loaves of bread per day, it can cook beans and rice, boil soups and cook them for hours, and warm up leftovers. Solar ovens […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Hugo Lacroix

Hugo is on a mission – nothing can stop him! He is biking from Quebec, Canada, to Tierra del Fuego; the southernmost tip of Argentina.   Cycling this distance is a long journey, but the personal trip quite longer. Hugo volunteered with us last October, and he is, we believe, still in Mexico, taking […]

Solar Oven

One of our volunteers, Hugo, has helped us finish our solar oven. Finally!

The solar oven is made out of plywood and mirrors. The angle of the box and the mirrors direct the heat energy of the sun into the box, which is well insulated. The result is an oven that bakes cakes, breads, and […]

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