Recipe: Marie’s Mulled Wine and Cinnamon Tea

We have an annual tradition to provide mulled wine and hot tea at sunset during Semana Santa – “Holy/Easter week” – for our guests and volunteers. Â During this time of year the nights are chilly and mulled wine and cinnamon tea are nice warm beverages to comfort all as we enjoy the sunset at […]

Recipe: Vegetable Broth

In nearly every savory recipe which calls for adding water, adding a broth instead will enhance the flavor of your dish significantly. Since we eat soup every night at the Bosque, having fresh vegetable broth is essential. We also cook beans and rice in vegetable broth to give them more flavor.

If you cook at […]

Recipe: Cabbage Salad with Peanut Dressing

This recipe gets tons of compliments every time it is served, without fail. It’s a perfect way to dress up raw cabbage; simple, yet it lends itself to countless variations depending on what you’ve got on hand.

Cabbage has lots of vitamin C and dietary fiber, and is easy to grow (and if you don’t […]

Recipe: Pumpkin, amaranth and garbanzo casserole

Bethany, one of our recent volunteers, inspired me to make up this recipe – she is a big amaranth fan! We’re also in a bit of a lull – lots of folks just left, and in a few days more will arrive – but with a small crowd I feel more freedom to experiment in […]

Recipe: Jamaica, Ginger and Lemon Verbena Tea

Our lemon verbena plants are doing great this year. We have two big plants near the main house, and lots of smaller plants which have been propagated by cuttings throughout the forest. The smell of the leaves alone is a great reason to find a way to have it in your home garden – sweet, […]

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