Better late than never…

There are two seasons in the highlands: rainy and dry.

When the rainy season finally decides to grace us with its presence, we get very relieved. This year the dry season seemed to last forever… The forest is thirsty. The people are too hot!

It seems that now, mid-June, the season has finally changed. […]

Mushroom season begins!

Thousands of mushrooms have begun popping up all over the forest in the last couple of weeks.

Four obvious mushrooms grow here in the forest that we can harvest to eat. There are a number of other mushrooms that are edible and those with experience sometimes harvest them […]

The Rains: Planting Begins!

After many rainless months the clouds have rolled in and (in hopeful theory) the rainy season has begun! All the life here, from humans to plants, is finally getting what is needed. We’re so excited about the progress we’ve made this year. Tons of work has gone in to preparing plant beds, small seedlings, collections […]

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