Why measure rainfall?

We’re keeping good records of our rainfall this year. The rain gauge above is the measurement tool we use.

A few years ago we kept diligent records and made a graph of the summer rainfall. Since then, we’ve been a bit lax on our record keeping. But, measuring rainfall is very important to us […]

Rain! Cold! Brrr!

It seems the entire continent is getting hit with extremely strange weather.

We had three days of constant rain, which is unheard of – we’re in the middle of our supposed dry season (though our longer term folks are beginning to doubt the validity of our dry season as it has been […]

Garden Update

The end is finally in sight for our planting season! We’re getting ready to put away the gloves and shovels, brush the dirt off our pants, and rest. For a week. Then the weeding season begins. Yay!

The climate here offers us a small window of opportunity to get as many seeds […]

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