Grafting experiments

We try a number of grafting experiments; some go great while others fail. This one is a cherry tree grafted on to the local peach rootstock. It took! The cherry will hopefully keep living and thrive.

Our main grafting success so far is a much more sure-fire graft of pears and quince onto the […]

Growing starts

This year we’ve planted lots of vegetables in small containers to get them started before the rains come. Many are almost ready to transplant into the gardens. Planting this way means that we get a head start on our first round of vegetables. We did have to water them a bit, which is hard […]

Better late than never…

There are two seasons in the highlands: rainy and dry.

When the rainy season finally decides to grace us with its presence, we get very relieved. This year the dry season seemed to last forever… The forest is thirsty. The people are too hot!

It seems that now, mid-June, the season has finally changed. […]

Saving Tomato Seeds

Collecting seeds is a daily habit at the Bosque. We work to keep our kitchen team in sync with our garden team so that any avocado pits, pumpkin seeds, or, in this case, tomato seeds, get processed correctly and planted. Last year we purchased the book Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques […]

The Hornworm

Oh, we feel so sorry for our poor tomato plants.

They have a hard life in this climate. During the dry season we choose a few to water with our kitchen greywater, but aphids become a problem. During the rainy season they tend to rot, […]

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