Growing starts

This year we’ve planted lots of vegetables in small containers to get them started before the rains come. Many are almost ready to transplant into the gardens. Planting this way means that we get a head start on our first round of vegetables. We did have to water them a bit, which is hard […]

New baby trees in the forest!

I found a fellow named Fidel in a local town who has been experimenting with trees for over 20 years and purchased some from him. We chatted for a while about many of the tests he has done with apples, plums, and peaches he bought in from Holland, Canada and other places. He has has […]

The Rains: Planting Begins!

After many rainless months the clouds have rolled in and (in hopeful theory) the rainy season has begun! All the life here, from humans to plants, is finally getting what is needed. We’re so excited about the progress we’ve made this year. Tons of work has gone in to preparing plant beds, small seedlings, collections […]

Volunteering at the Bosque

We are beginning to receive many applications for our volunteer program! You can read about our volunteer program here.

While we have hosted volunteers before, this is our first big push to recruit long-term WWOOFers and other volunteers to come help us out with gardening and natural building.

This June we’ve had two wonderful volunteers: […]

Cuttings Galore

We are finally near the end of our window for planting cuttings.

This year we did really well – we have nearly filled our barranca gardens with cuttings of succulents, vines, flowers, bougainvillea, datura, lemon verbana, and trees. We also visited many gardens of folks around the Lake Pátzcuaro area to trim […]

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