Bosque Photo Collage

A couple of years ago on a trip to Seattle, Brian and I put together a photo album with the various photos we had collected from events and visitors. We had printed out two copies of each photo, intending to duplicate the album here at the Bosque.

Well, intentions are different than actions, and […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Jacky

Jacky is an incredible person on a two-year voyage which started in Mexico. We feel so privileged that Jacky was able to spend 10 weeks of his journey volunteering at the Bosque.

Originally Jacky signed up to volunteer for 4 weeks. As he began extending his stay, we began giving him more responsibility, until at […]

Photos on Flickr

Jacky, who has been volunteering with us for nearly two months, recently updated our flickr photo page. The collections and sets were about 6 months out of date. He selected the best photos to add to sets, which can give people a better idea of Bosque life.

We solicited Jacky’s help because of his […]


Gonzalito visits us about once a week. He is a very smart 8 year old who lives in a nearby village. He is getting used to chatting with the weird international visitors we host! When he visits he likes to volunteer. His jobs include photography, message delivery, paper maché mask making, coloring and making cool […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Brenda

Brenda volunteered at the Bosque for a little over 3 months. She has a degree in graphic design and is a freelance photographer and graphic artist. At the Bosque she contributed to a wide variety of projects, from a mosaic countertop to creating the new Bosque logo. Brenda is an incredibly responsible and very intelligent […]

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