13th annual Mushroom Fair in Senguio, Michoacán

We traveled across the state to spend two nights in Senguio, Michoacán, for their annual mushroom fair (La Fería de Hongos).

Senguio is a small town close to Ciudad Hidalgo. Â Once a year its residents host the mushroom fair. Â They set up a long table full of identified wild mushrooms. […]

Mushroom season begins!

Thousands of mushrooms have begun popping up all over the forest in the last couple of weeks.

Four obvious mushrooms grow here in the forest that we can harvest to eat. Â There are a number of other mushrooms that are edible and those with experience sometimes harvest […]

Recipe: Pasta with Orejas de Ratónes and Tomatoes

We enjoy lots of dishes with our forest-harvested mushrooms, but pasta with orejas de ratónes is easy to prepare and delicious!

INGREDIENTS 5 oz pasta 4 T olive oil 2 cloves garlic, diced finely 3-4 handfuls mushrooms – we use orejas de ratón harvested here at […]


During the rainy season the forest floor is spotted with a variety of mushrooms – some edible, some not. We have begun to identify the different types. To date, this is the list of the different mushrooms we have identified:

Helvella crispa (oreja de ratón blanca) Hypomyces lactifluorum (trompa) Agaricus augustus (codorniz) Amanita caesarea (hongo […]

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