Activity leaders

You never know what to expect at the Bosque. Depending on the crowd, activities range quite a bit, both in quantity and type. People engage with each other to develop fun, deepness, and community by leading and participating in a wide variety of activities. Amazing people visit the Bosque and contribute to the vibe. Their […]

Meditation Mats

For three years or so we’ve been moving a large piece of foam from storage place to storage place, not quite sure what to do with it. A few weeks ago we came up with the idea of making meditation mats.

Lori cut the foam into 18″ x 18″ pieces.

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There is something about naming a space that makes the space transform into something special.

Volunteer Dan was the one who hung the Shambhala sign up on a madrone tree in the Arcoiris neighborhood. Shambhala is a Tibetan Buddhist word for a hidden, mythical kingdom. The word has actually gained a […]

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