Grafting experiments

We try a number of grafting experiments; some go great while others fail. This one is a cherry tree grafted on to the local peach rootstock. It took! The cherry will hopefully keep living and thrive.

Our main grafting success so far is a much more sure-fire graft of pears and quince onto the […]

A beautiful gift!

Some years ago, our neighbor planted two citrus trees outside of a small store in the nearby village. We’ve been watching the trees grow over the last few seasons, and this year – wow! They are producing tons of limes! And they also provide very welcome shade for people hanging out on the grass […]

Nature prevailing

We are in the dry season.

And by dry, I mean really, really, really dry. All of the grass and plants are brown. Â We ordered a pipa of water (about 7,000 liters) to get us through for a surge of guests that happens every year around Easter (Semana Santa). Some of our plants are […]

Grafting success!

Three years ago we started grafting quince and pear trees onto a native fruit tree. Read how we graft in this past entry.

Today, we have over 1,400 grafted trees throughout the Bosque. Walking around the other day we spotted one tree that is doing particularly well, with several small quince fruits starting to show […]

Orchard pruning

We have a small orchard with trees that are more mature than the thousands of baby fruit trees we have planted in the forest over the past few years. This year our avocado, peach, guayaba, and mandarin trees are doing particularly well. We enjoyed a surplus of avocados over the summer and into Autumn. Our […]

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