Nature prevailing

We are in the dry season.

And by dry, I mean really, really, really dry. All of the grass and plants are brown. We ordered a pipa of water (about 7,000 liters) to get us through for a surge of guests that happens every year around Easter (Semana Santa). Some of our plants are dying; […]

Acquiring seeds

Save the seeds! Guardar las semillas!

At the Bosque you will see signs reminding you to save the seeds from your food. Next to the sign, a small tray collects peach, nectarine, and plum pits, and various seeds including apples, oranges, limes, and peppers.

The percentage […]

New baby trees in the forest!

I found a fellow named Fidel in a local town who has been experimenting with trees for over 20 years and purchased some from him. We chatted for a while about many of the tests he has done with apples, plums, and peaches he bought in from Holland, Canada and other places. He has has […]

The Rains: Planting Begins!

After many rainless months the clouds have rolled in and (in hopeful theory) the rainy season has begun! All the life here, from humans to plants, is finally getting what is needed. We’re so excited about the progress we’ve made this year. Tons of work has gone in to preparing plant beds, small seedlings, collections […]

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