Dung beetles!

Dung beetles: from the superfamily Scarabaeoidea

A few months back we noticed dung beetles in our composting toilets!

Dung beetles work very hard to either burrow in, consume, or otherwise deal with poop. The photo above was taken on the road to the Bosque, where the beetles are working to collect cow dung for […]


We just made another trip to get free sawdust from the local wood mill.

It is kind of a pain to get the sawdust, so this time we loaded up as much as possible so we won’t have to get more for about six months. The mill provides sawdust for free. We fill up […]

Vermiculture and Composting

We have red wigglers! If you look closely at the photo below, you can see a couple of our worms; it was difficult to get a good picture because the worms immediately crawl back into the dirt to hide from the sun.

About a year ago a nearby permaculture farm gave us […]

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