New Spanish Language Instructor: Mayo

Mayo from a nearby village has been a friend of ours for a few years. Â Over some beers at a recent town party, we noticed his natural talent for correcting our Spanish in an understandable way. Â Pair that with his basic English, he’s a great candidate for Spanish language practice.

Friendly, very outgoing […]

Activity leaders

You never know what to expect at the Bosque. Depending on the crowd, activities range quite a bit, both in quantity and type. People engage with each other to develop fun, deepness, and community by leading and participating in a wide variety of activities. Amazing people visit the Bosque and contribute to the vibe. Their […]

System failures

It isn’t always easy….. Even with a good to do list, and organized tasks… system failures distract…

Not being able to turn on a light switch for magic power. Not being able turn on a faucet for water and have it come out reliably.

The lodge pump failed. Unclear why it doesn’t pump water… it […]

Pine needle basket weaving class

We have a gazillion pine needles on the forest floor. For weaving baskets, the pine needles need to be long – at least 20 centimeters, or about 8 inches.

A women’s collective in Opopeo (a village about an hour from the Bosque) came to this area and taught the women here how to weave beautiful […]

People at the Bosque

Who is the Bosque Village?

We’ve updated our People at the Bosque in order to include volunteers and teachers.

Our volunteers make up “Team Bosque” – they tend gardens, work on natural building projects, help cook and clean, and run activities for other volunteers and guests. Each person brings a different vibe and spirit with […]

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