Lizard Tails

Lizards drop their tails if they are very frightened, or if a predator has them by the tail. We did not frighten this one (much) but found it already tailless. Brian snapped a quick photo.

Lizards stay close to their hidden homes so when the sun is out we can reliably see a lizard […]

We have funny dogs

Our dogs are goofy and do goofy things. Above, Patzari is for some reason on top of the birdbath. Hippie stands by happily.

They often choose weird spots to sleep. Hippie taking a nap in a pot:


Contreras using wood as a pillow:


Mambo, our biggest dog, curled up on […]

The Dogs and Niklas

Niklas has been here nearly two months now, and we love how much he loves the dogs.

And the cats.

And all living creatures.

A great guy who makes life better for animals and people around him.

(photo by Ang)

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