Solar Oven

One of our volunteers, Hugo, has helped us finish our solar oven.  Finally!

The solar oven is made out of plywood and mirrors.  The angle of the box and the mirrors direct the heat energy of the sun into the box, which is well insulated.  The result is an oven that bakes cakes, breads, and pizzas and cooks beans, rice, and soups with no wood or gas needed.  Since the oven was completed a week ago, we have made cake, banana bread, beans, rice, vegetable split pea soup, and oatmeal bars.  The top recorded temperature was 280 degrees F, or 138C.

Hugo is on a bike trip from Quebec, Canada to Tierra del Fuego, on the southern tip of Argentina.  We were so happy to have him around for a month during his awesome journey.  Hugo and Rochelle, a recent visitor, are below with the nearly completed solar oven.

Hugo and Rochelle constructing the solar oven

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