Silk Screening Workshop

Cathy and Caitlin led a silk screening workshop!  During the workshop participants designed images to print onto jeans, pieces of fabric, shirts, and hats.

The process is surprisingly simple and produces really nice results.  Paul designed a turtle, Peggy designed something that is not Kokopelli but looks like him, and Silvia made a print of a fun phrase.

Jacky printing the turtle onto his jeans:

Peggy’s design:

Caitlin (left) helping Peggy:

Silvia cutting out her screen:

Getting started (Cathy on right):

Cathy was kind enough to write up really nice instructions so we can potentially re-create the workshop.  Click on the images to see the instructions in our photostream.

Caitlin and Cathy volunteered at the Bosque for two weeks.  They helped build our chicken coop, they fought the pine beetle plague, and they were two very nice people to have here in the forest.  They also brought along their very fine dog who likes to sleep with her tongue sticking out:

Thanks to Cathy and Caitlin!  Come back soon!

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