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  • Your full name
  • Your identified country of origin
  • Do you or any members of your group speak Spanish?
  • Group size
  • What is your current plan for transportation? Public transportation or Private vehicle
  • Do you, and all members of your group, understand that Bosque Village is a non-smoking location?
  • Preferred Lodging. If you are planning on staying in a hut or cabaña with 2 or more people, please indicate whether you will need single or double beds.
  • Arrival date
  • Departure date
  • For groups bringing children: Please indicate how many members of your group are adults, and how many are children. Please indicate the ages of the children.
  • Do you, or any members of your group, have health concerns?
    Remember that we provide meals, so we need to know about allergies or food sensitivities prior to your arrival.Please help us help you have a great time at the Bosque! Here’s your chance to let us know why you want to visit, your goals for your stay, activities you’d like to participate in and activities you’d like to lead.
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