Rattlesnake Injury

Sad news last night. We came home to find Contreras with a head the size of a basketball. She likely encountered a rattlesnake.

Contreras with a GIANT head

We went back to town today to pick up some meds for her. It surprised me that they recommended a diuretic, but because rattlesnake venom is bad for kidneys, supposedly it will help a bit. They also gave us penicillin and anti-inflammatories. She will either live or die in the next few days… unclear what the outcome will be. But right now she is calm and totally out of it, so that is good I suppose. If she lives she has learned not to pounce on rattlesnakes.

The swelling around her mouth...

Update on April 29, 2008: So far, so good! Contreras is nearly back to normal, with a couple small cuts leftover from where the snake hit. Her head has reduced to normal size, and she is back to being a spazzy crazy dog again! Yay!

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