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Bosque Village is a perfect opportunity to experience rural Mexican culture and cuisine. We began the Cultural Experience program to help our guests engage in the local communities in a meaningful way.

Please note that the Bosque is an international space. We host visitors from all over the world, and depending on your visit you may or may not have an immersion Spanish experience.

Below is an example of a one week schedule. We do try to stick as closely as we can to the program below, but life occasionally offers surprises and we may need to shift things around depending on our emergency needs.

And below the one week schedule, read about options for day trips along the area. Many guests decide to stay longer in order to enjoy more of this region! Don’t forget to read about the classes offered in this area.

Cultural Experience guests are welcome to participate with free yoga and meditation every morning and other activities. Any extra costs are noted below.


Arrive to the Bosque. Settle in.

Traditional Mexican bread baking class in a nearby village. Spend the day kneading, shaping, and baking bread with three generations of an amazing family. Cost: $150 pesos (about $15 USD), which includes lunch with the family.

Take a mid-morning trip to the nearby village tianguis – the weekly street market. Explore the market and enjoy the town.
Enjoy the afternoon at the Bosque. 

Mid-morning salsa and tortilla making at the Bosque. Learn how to make roasted salsa with the molcajete – the traditional mortar and pestle – and fresh corn tortillas.
Enjoy afternoon activities at the Bosque.

Day trip to Pátzcuaro. Coined a pueblo mágico (magical town), Pátzcuaro is a famous colonial city with a vibrant street market, shopping, and sightseeing opportunities.

Enjoy a morning temazcal at the Bosque, a traditional sauna that originated in pre-hispanic Mexico.

Day trip to Quiroga – if you’re an omnivore, enjoy some carnitas: fried pork that Quiroga is famous for. On the way back, stop in Oponguio and tour a mezcal factory. Mezcal is similar to tequila. Enjoy an optional lunch or early dinner in Oponguio, looking over Lake Pátzcuaro, before heading back to the Bosque.

  • Erongarícuaro. The closest village, and home to: amazing ice cream, pizza, and street food on the plaza. Eronga hosts festivals throughout the year. There is a beautiful church and plaza. Eronga is a favorite day trip among Bosque visitors.
  • Pátzcuaro. A famous colonial city.
  • Santa Clara del Cobre. A town specializing in sculptures, pots, and other crafts out of copper.
  • Janitzio. An incredible Purépecha island in Lake Pátzcuaro that welcomes visitors.
  • Morelia. A colonial city with a historic downtown center and cathedral, with art museums, shops, and monuments. Morelia is also home to very good medical services and shopping centers for imported goods. Morelia is located about 40 minutes from Pátzcuaro.
  • Uruapan. An urban city, one of the oldest cities in Mexico, known as the avocado capital of the world. Uruapan is also home to coffee farms, and is located about 1 hour from Pátzcuaro.
  • Tzintzuntzan. Ancient ruins, handmade pottery, and other crafts are found in Tzintzuntzan (which means place of the hummingbird)
  • Zirahuén. A lovely town and gorgeous Lake Zirahuen, perfect for swimming or kayaking and canoeing.
  • Numerous other villages including IhuatzioQuiroga, and Oponguio.
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