Planting season

Today is an important day.

Today begins this year’s plant propogation cycle. Many new garden spaces are ready to receive cuttings. We can likely do 6,000-7,000 cutting easily each year. My guy is trained from last year and will be able to do this lots, and this year two more guys will do it too.
Many food trees from seed grew well and are ready to go into the forest. The near natives in pots seem quite happy. Of the maybe 20 types I tried, maybe 5 have turned out to like to grow in pots.

I am pleased because I can now see the green future and know that I can cover this place in pretty and useful plants. The experiments of last year have taught me what works, and I will be able to use those systems with more plants. There will be exponential growth in the number of cool plants.

Many of the plants from last year which I thought died, were just dormant and are waking up.

Tommorrow I go to get blackberries and bamboo.

Day just getting going. Much to do. I want a nap.

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