Participant Application

Participant Application

Please fill this form out only after reading:

If you are applying as a couple or as a group, every individual should fill this form out separately, an let us know who else you are planning to come with.

Please send us an email with this information:  

Name (required)
Phone Number:
Age :
Number of people in your group and group name:
Where are you from?
What dates are you available to come to the Bosque? Giving a larger range
What is your preferred length of stay? You can leave anytime, and we may tell you to leave.

How much would you like to pay per night to stay? We do have some spots for people to stay without paying, but you are more likely to be accepted if you able to contribute. If you do not wish to pay, consider finding a sponsor, or tell us why someone here should pay for you.

Are you able to pay for your own incidentals? Beer, local tourism etc.? Moochers will be asked to leave.

Website or Blog:
Facebook or other social networking profile:
Add us:

We prefer all participants speak both English and Spanish.
English level
Spanish level

Are you a smoker? No smoking of any kind is allowed in the Bosque in any location.

Are you able to lift 20 kilos?

Do you have any health or dietary concerns?

Reasons you are interested in the Bosque? Previous work experience?

Are you experienced with natural building, permaculture, or gardening etc.? Tell us.

Performance: Do you have skills for dance, theater, art, or other types of performance? What can you do on camera to educate or entertain?

Documentation: Do you have a camera which can do video? Mark and model? Are you skilled with it? Do you travel with a computer you are skilled using as a video editor? Link to your portfolio?

Any other qualifications, skills or things you can teach?

Are you traveling in a private vehicle or on public transport?

When we receive your application we will consider you for open slots in the time frame you requested.

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