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Let’s face it: we’re a fat continent. Mexico and the United States are the heart of the obesity epidemic. Diet based illnesses such as heart conditions and diabetes are on the rise. We are eating too much, and we aren’t eating the right stuff.

At the Bosque we want to change this. We consume meals that leave us feeling good; not stuffed, not weighed down by grease, not depleted of energy. Our diet fuels our lives, provides us with the nutrients we need to be healthy and happy, and gives us the energy to be productive, active people. It’s important to eat right, cook smart, and be conscious of our consumption.

Why Vegetarian?
We serve vegetarian food at the Bosque for three main reasons:

  1. Give people a chance to break free of the routine of eating meat with every single meal, every single day.
  2. The meat industry has gotten out of control, and we do not want to support it. We do plan to raise rabbits and chicken for those who want to eat meat occasionally.
  3. We don’t use refrigeration; our lack of cold food storage space makes it impractical to serve meat to guests.

We welcome all types of diets. When we are able to raise our own meat, we will still always be able to accommodate vegetarians and vegans.

We don’t try to convert our guests into vegetarians! Rather, we hope that a break from meat will give our guests the opportunity to distance any lingering meat addiction.

Eating Healthy at the Bosque
While we do our best to provide our guests with healthy meals, guests are still the people who spoon the food onto their plates. We serve our food either buffet or cafeteria style, meaning each eater makes his own choice about the quantity of food he will consume.

A healthy plate consists of:

  • 1/4 part protein
  • 1/4 part starch or carbohydrate
  • 1/2 part vegetables

For visitors who are interested in improving their diets while at the Bosque, please consider your portions!

Because we have an open buffet, we encourage guests to eat until their are satisfied. This unfortunately often leads to over-eating. One way to make sure that you aren’t eating too much is to wait 10 minutes before going back for more food. That 10 minutes will allow your body to begin digesting, and you’ll find, more often than not, that you are already full.

A kitchen based on reason…

We think carefully about how to approach food and cooking, and base our menus and our methods on our conclusions. But the Bosque food philosophy is an evolving process. We welcome new ideas, suggestions, and feedback about our menus.

We base our thoughts on nutrition and food based on the following principles:

  • A variety of vegetables, raw or lightly cooked, is an important part of our diet
  • Homegrown is best. Local is a runner-up. We buy our ingredients from local suppliers. All of our fresh fruits and vegetables are grown in the state of Michoacán.
  • Whole grains always beat the refined stuff: we prefer brown rice over white rice, and whole wheat flour over white flour.

Food should be interesting!
We are constantly exploring regional and international flavors, ancient and modern cooking techniques, and new combinations in order to keep the menu at the Bosque interesting, varied, and healthy.


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