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Salsa and Tortilla making Class
In most homes in the local villages, tortillas are made fresh daily and are served with every meal. Every village has a molino – a large grinder where women take their prepared corn to be ground into the masa; the dough used to make tortillas. Students learn about this process as well as how to form, press, and cook tortillas.

The salsa is made by roasting vegetables and combining them together in a molcajete – a traditional mortar and pestle. Students take turns using the molcajete to prepare salsas.

Students learn the process and then enjoy eating their freshly made tortillas, covered in a spicy smoky salsa. This class is offered for free to Bosque guests once a week. More classes are listed here.

Bread Baking Class
Every Monday in a nearby village, our visitors are welcomed by the family of Doña Licha and Don Mariano to join them to learn how to bake traditional Mexican bread in an adobe and brick wood-fired oven.

Students knead dough and prepare small loaves of bread, bolillos, and pan dulces that are sold in Zincero. They also help prepare the weekly batch of Bosque bread – a whole wheat recipe made specially for us.

One of our most popular classes, bread baking class gives students the opportunity to experience an amazingly warm and sincere family and offers a glimpse of nearby village life. Every student has returned with a smile on their face and a stomach full of bread.

The class is 5 hours long with a break in the middle to enjoy traditional comida, a large mid-day meal, with the family.

The cost of the class is $150 pesos MXN per person, and includes lunch and lots of fresh bread. Cash is paid directly to the teachers.
The family also sells fresh cheese and local crafts.

Lake Pátzcuaro Food Tour
Spend a day learning about the food of this region. Enjoy the morning market in Pátzcuaro. Take a trip to Quiroga for sampling of the regional favorite: carnitas. End the tour with a mezcal tasting at a local distillery and an afternoon meal looking over the lake.

Tour dates and prices vary according to the guide. Please contact us if you are interested in a Lake Pátzcuaro Food Tour.

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