Please click on the two maps below to see a larger version in a new window or tab. Michoacan, Mexico.

Some of the named places in the Bosque: Nexus, Black Rock Lodge, Cute Hill, Shambala, Extropy, Beltane, Bonobo, Cosmic, Truth, Bliss, Bliss Point, Mystico, Ecotopia, Elixer, Flipside, Fringe, Gestalt, utopia, Quark, Boogg Hut, Boondocks, Solsticio, Carnival, Zen, Extasis, Sanctuario, Gaia, Nambassa, Mysteria, Fusion, Paradoja, Dimple, Earth Temple, Druida, Quatum, Chroma, Oasis, Raven, Rumspringa, Frenzy, Chiflero, Walden Grove, Tindu Kitchen, Arcoiris, Cocorico, Gliese 581c.

Michoacán in Mexico:

Please click on the map below to see details of Michoacán. The red arrow points to the Bosque!

Below is a map of the Lake Pátzcuaro region.

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