Pre 1980
The forest here was harvested in 1966. After being completely clear-cut, the land began healing naturally, creating a new forest of pine, oak, and madrone trees.

1980 – 2004
The Bosque began being transformed into a protected forest in 1991 when it was purchased by a botanist. She and her husband built the first house and a small guest house. They began horseback riding and birdwatching tours. They purchased an adjacent property in 1993. The Bosque lay abandoned from 1998 until 2004 when it was purchased for its current use.

2004 – Present
After identifying the Pátzcuaro area as a good culture and climate for the Bosque project, we found this forest for sale. Since 2004 we have been actively trying to protect and restore the forest. We have added large dining terraces to both houses for dining, six composting toilets, five cabanas and two cob huts to host visitors, a sauna to keep clean, cisterns for water catchment, and a large art studio. We installed solar panels, an internet dish, and a solar hot water heater. We built a solar oven and lorena stoves for cooking. We created an extensive trail system to allow for exploring the forest while protecting the fragile eco-system.

Plant propogation happens year round, with a huge push in June at the beginning of the rains.


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