Bosque Culture

By agreeing to a minimal base set of values and customs, we can release ourselves from common interpersonal conflicts and expand our personal freedoms.

We welcome people from all over the world with diverse lifestyles. We are a place where people, regardless of nationality, sexual orientation, economic class or age, enjoy and learn from each other. Solo travelers will rapidly make friends here.

Open communication with a sense of humor releases us from the trivial judgments which impede true intimacy and authentic experience. If we are able to both give and receive constructive criticism in a positive way, we can work as a group to live in a happier world.

Active Living
Our lifestyle is extremely active and participatory. We are a haven for folks who enjoy outdoor activity and our extensive trail system. In the Bosque, we are all students and teachers improving ourselves through study and personal development. We want to create more than we consume.

The Bosque is large so all our visitors should be able to walk 3 km (one mile) on trails without difficulty. We are not, unfortunately, handicap accessible. Some disabilities may be able to be accommodated. Contact us for more information.

Personal Responsibility
Our prices are much lower than alternatives because our guests and residents, while not perfect, take personal responsibility for their actions. They have increased awareness of their effect on others and their environment. We encourage a gift economy whenever possible.

Care for shared art supplies, tools, toys, and other resources is critical.
During the dry season, extreme caution with fire prevents the forest from burning down. All residents and visitors agree not to smoke while in the Bosque.


Participants only. No spectators.

The Vision

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