Grafting success!

Three years ago we started grafting quince and pear trees onto a native fruit tree. Read how we graft in this past entry.

Today, we have over 1,400 grafted trees throughout the Bosque. Walking around the other day we spotted one tree that is doing particularly well, with several small quince fruits starting to show up.

These grafted trees are a very clear example of successful permaculture and food forestry. The pear and quince trees have strong, native roots of the manzanillo tree, and require no water, fertilizer, or care. As we mention quite often, we would love to keep irrigation to a minimum at the Bosque. Planting fruit and nut trees that can survive here through the dry season is a total win. And a volunteer here right now recently spoke very highly of quince jam he made and preserved in a farm in Europe…  we may be trying that soon!

The fruits showing up remind us of our need to make a solar dehydrator and think of other ways to preserve and use the fruits. Pear cider? Quince jam? Ideas?


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