First Bosque 5K Race

We made a 5k race! The track is a loop around the Mesa (a flatish area of the Bosque). Runners ran the loop seven times before cutting in to the finish line at the volleyball court. We made the trail fairly wide, and checked to be sure there weren’t lots of rocks, sticks, and other objects to trip on. We also filled in tusa holes – holes along the trails dug by moles that live in the forest which are perfect for twisting an ankle.

It was a very small race – just six runners. But it was very fun! And we will continue to improve trails around the forest for joggers and trail runners who want to train or keep in shape while at the Bosque. Another improvement will be to make a much larger loop for our next race. Running the same loop seven times gets old.

Thanks to Fer, Melody, Angie, Johnny, Marie and Gonzalo for participating!

Brian made a quick video of the run here.

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