Cuttings Galore

We are finally near the end of our window for planting cuttings.

This year we did really well – we have nearly filled our barranca gardens with cuttings of succulents, vines, flowers, bougainvillea, datura, lemon verbana, and trees. We also visited many gardens of folks around the Lake Pátzcuaro area to trim their plants – many thanks to the generous folks who let us take cuttings from their gardens!

We know some cuttings will do really well based on tests from years before. We also have tried some test plants to see if we will have success. Our methods are hard on some plants. The idea is to do cuttings direct in ground so that we can propagate plants without using any pots or water. Some of the cuttings will establish enough roots in the ground during the rainy season to be able to survive the entire dry season. The plants that survive will be moved to their new homes throughout the forest next June – and then we repeat the process again!

Plants that have done well in the past are rosemary, roses, jade, other succulents, malvo, and datura. Below are succulents that should do very well.

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