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Included in the cost of your stay is:

  • All meals. Breakfast is at sunrise and usually is home baked bread with jam, hard boiled eggs, fresh fruits and veggies.  Lunch is at 2 p.m. and dinner at 7 p.m.. Meals are vegetarian and always a highlight of a stay at the Bosque.
  • Activities, including morning yoga, meditation, natural building, crafts, language exchange, and much more.

The prices are listed here are in United States Dollars (USD). We accept Mexican Pesos (MXN) as well. Our conversion rate is: $1 USD = $10 MXN

The Bosque Village is now closed to the public, but you can apply to participate.

Rates vary depending on the person and their role, housing, and activities.
Costs range around $300 USD per week depending on the level of participation and housing. Discounts are available for work-trade.
If you cannot self-fund the Bosque may be able to help you crowdfund your participation. Apply to participate, and we will see if you are a candidate for that.

For those interested in residency or long-term volunteering, please read about our intentional community.

Housing Options

All housing options include access to a shared guesthouse with a hot water shower, shared kitchen for breakfast and tea, fireplace, and a reading library. Charging stations for cell phones, computers, and cameras are available from 10:00am – 5:30pm. Outside of these hours the only electricity we offer is small lights in the guesthouse at night.

To save water, showers are not available except during the rainy season. We keep clean by using a sauna, then rinsing off.


The Bosque has over fifty great camping spots, for both private camping and group camping. Campers must bring their own tent and sleeping bags. Please be sure that the sleeping bags will keep you warm at night! We have roofs for camping under during the rainy season.

Car camping is available. Small RV camping is available though we have no waste disposal system. Large RVs would have trouble getting to the Bosque because of our road.

We have several cabañas available for guests. When possible, we try to provide private cabañas, but the rates above are for shared cabaña use. Cabañas are simple; furnished with a desk and comfortable beds. Every cabaña is located near a toilet.

Beltane Hut, Extasis hut.  More in progress. 

Huts are cozy and warm naturally built structure.

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