Donations for supporting participants

Support hosting participants!

We get lots of applications from potential participants who would like to be partially or fully funded to come to Bosque Village.
This page is a way for you to support having more people in Bosque Village working on innovative solutions!
Each participant brings in new ideas and sometimes works on special projects.
These donations help us accept a wider diversity of Bosque participants you can see in our videos!

  • Donations by projects : We have all kinds of cool project! You decide what areas we should work on!
  • Donations for residents : Keep Brian Fey and other residents living the simple life and serving you.

    You can donate here to the fund to support more participants in Bosque Village:

    If you prefer to support with a subscription payment:

    International short term participants:

    We get lots of applications from world travelers. Most wish to stay for a week to a month, and some wish to become residents or staff.

    International short term participants – Monthly Subscription

    Mexican short term participants:

    The advantage of these participants is that they can return as needed to build the culture of the Bosque.

    Mexican short term participants – Monthly Subscription


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