Donations by Projects

One great way for you to guide the Bosque focus is to donate to the projects you like to see us focus on!
Which projects get you excited?

If you prefer, you can donate to support participants or to donate to residents and the local team.

Energy projects

These are projects to make acceptable cultural solutions to reduce energy. Composting toilets, solar ovens and stoves, solar power solutions of various kinds and much more. Our primary solution is extreme conservation.

Energy projects – Monthly Subscription

Food projects

Of all the things we do daily, our diet affects the world in the biggest way. In Bosque Village, we design a diet based on growing our food, eating locally, food preservation, and a lot of food experimentation. We are designing better ways to use food.

Food projects – Monthly Subscription

Agriculture; plant, and animal projects

All forms are life are considered holistically as we wish to have people live in a forest while enhancing it, rather than destroying it. We use permaculture design principles and practice food forest farming. Related: Wildlife restoration, re-forestation, raising chickens, genetic experimentation and much more.

Agriculture, plant, and animal projects – Monthly Subscription

Broadcasting projects

We want to broadcast as much of our activities here as possible.
Our experiments, our successes, and our failures. We need to be working on visually interesting things, record them with quality cameras, and have good computers to edit the footage. We need a good internet connection to upload and someone has to spend sharing, tagging and responding on social media. Broadcasting requires a lot of skill and equipment.
All the Bosque is being developed as a laboratory and a set!
We also invite people who already have the tools and skills to broadcast their experience. Vloggers get special preference to be selected as participants. See our videos and other content. Like and share so your friends are part of the project too!

Broadcasting – Monthly Subscription

Community projects

The local communities of Erongaricuaro and Yotatiro have a very important relationship with Bosque Village.
We expect to always be good neighbors by causing no trouble for anyone. We work with our friends to see how we can best be good neighbors.
We will slowly introduce new tools and methods to out friends, paint murals in town, promote local tourism, and have many small community projects in mind.

Community projects – Monthly Subscription

Cultural design Projects

Cultural design – Monthly Subscription

Natural building and Architecture

Natural building and Architecture – Monthly Subscription

Art and performance projects

Art is an important enough highly visual aspect of our culture that we have many art projects. But how and why we incorporate art into our culture is very different here.
We release many works as as Creative commons.

Art and performance projects – Monthly Subscription

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