Govenia utriculata

Beautiful rare orchid found in the forest! We have found a very interesting rare orchid growing in the forest. Govenia utriculata, also known as, Govenia Capitata, a member of Orchidacae. It was first spotted June 12th, 2009. Brian says: “While walking in the forest, I came upon an amazing flower. It was so different […]


I am off to town today to get sawdust, cow horns, Dog bones, can to make a rocket stove and gasoline. I will visit the post office as well.

New videos explain how to get to the Bosque!

It seems difficult to get people to the Bosque even after they decide to come visit. It is farther out than they think it is! It is important to plan ahead. These videos can help people get some idea of how to get here. Everyone still needs to have a prior reservation and print out […]

A late night note from Brian

My day today started at 5 am. And it ending now at 12:40 am doing things I don’t want to do; Telling nice smart wonderful people they are…. I start tomorrow at 7 am if I can get to sleep. Total of 21 people to manage in the morning. Luckily, I am getting better at […]

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