Recording the Harvest

Since June we’ve been fairly diligent about weighing the produce from our gardens and the fruit trees. This year we’ve had pretty good success. We haven’t bought fruits or vegetables from town besides some mangos that were too inexpensive to pass up, a papaya (I miss it and we can’t grow it easily), and […]

Yogurt making

We recently started making yogurt – especially before special events where we plan to serve guests breakfast. Our homemade yogurt contains living, healthy bacteria: lactobacillus. This bacteria is known as a probiotic, and helps to strengthen our digestive systems.

Making your own yogurt is super easy. No special equipment is needed; just a double boiler […]

New Solar Oven: Olla Solar

The sun provides ample energy every day. It’s up to us to figure out how to harvest that energy and put it into use. Our new solar oven can bake two loaves of bread per day, it can cook beans and rice, boil soups and cook them for hours, and warm up leftovers. Solar ovens […]


The ancient craft of papermaking has found a place at the Bosque.

Using both recycled paper and fibers we collect in the forest, we have started to make many different test batches of paper.

The process took awhile to get going…Â Suzanne, Brie, Ben, Dominik, Charles, Trevor, and others have all contributed […]


Here are some planters in progress. The bark will fall off on its own.

Today we drilled holes for drainage and are putting plants which don’t need much watering in them. The idea is to let the plants mature in the rainy season then sell them.

Likely won’t make much money on […]

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