Saving Tomato Seeds

Collecting seeds is a daily habit at the Bosque. We work to keep our kitchen team in sync with our garden team so that any avocado pits, pumpkin seeds, or, in this case, tomato seeds, get processed correctly and planted. Last year we purchased the book Seed to Seed: Seed Saving and Growing Techniques […]


This year we created almost 1,000 new fruit trees by grafting. Grafting is perhaps the most magical means of plant propagation. The basic idea is to use the strong, established roots of a native tree to grow a desirable tree that would not otherwise grow as well. We use the roots of the manzanillo tree. […]

Therapeutic Massage

Nancy is visiting from Australia, and has offered massage to several of our other volunteers and visitors. She is putting our massage table into good use! Nancy writes about her practice:

I used several techniques in my massage treatment to bring greater circulation to the body, in terms of muscles, tendons, ligaments and energy centers […]

Lesson: Cuttings

This post will teach you how to make new plants by cutting pieces off the parent plant. That way you can fill up your yard and also make plants to give away.

Look at this happy piece of rosemary:


One little cutting from the original […]

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