Grafting experiments

We try a number of grafting experiments; some go great while others fail. This one is a cherry tree grafted on to the local peach rootstock. It took! The cherry will hopefully keep living and thrive.

Our main grafting success so far is a much more sure-fire graft of pears and quince onto the […]

Why measure rainfall?

We’re keeping good records of our rainfall this year. The rain gauge above is the measurement tool we use.

A few years ago we kept diligent records and made a graph of the summer rainfall. Since then, we’ve been a bit lax on our record keeping. But, measuring rainfall is very important to us […]

Dung beetles!

Dung beetles: from the superfamily Scarabaeoidea

A few months back we noticed dung beetles in our composting toilets!

Dung beetles work very hard to either burrow in, consume, or otherwise deal with poop. The photo above was taken on the road to the Bosque, where the beetles are working to collect cow dung for […]

Preserving the forest art

We finally sealed this sculpture that Beto worked with off and on whenever he offered a carving class. It isn’t finished, but will at least be preserved through the rains until he can come back to work on it again.

Beto is the artist who carved the Bosque totem pole.


Bottling Mead

We just bottled our very first batch of mead!

Mead is a honey wine. It is, at its simplest, honey combined with water and fermented. Some brewers add a variety of other ingredients, including fruit or hops. Our first batch was honey and water, which we let age for just over a year before […]

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