First Bosque 5K Race

We made a 5k race! The track is a loop around the Mesa (a flatish area of the Bosque). Runners ran the loop seven times before cutting in to the finish line at the volleyball court. We made the trail fairly wide, and checked to be sure there weren’t lots of rocks, sticks, and […]

Bosque Photo Collage

A couple of years ago on a trip to Seattle, Brian and I put together a photo album with the various photos we had collected from events and visitors. We had printed out two copies of each photo, intending to duplicate the album here at the Bosque.

Well, intentions are different than actions, and […]

Bosque Family Gathering

Every year we host a dinner to celebrate our friends from the local villages and to thank them for being a part of the Bosque Village. 2010 was a fantastic year for the Bosque, full of many positive changes, new residents, great guests, and interesting projects. Towards the end of December was an appropriate time […]

13th annual Mushroom Fair in Senguio, Michoacán

We traveled across the state to spend two nights in Senguio, Michoacán, for their annual mushroom fair (La Fería de Hongos).

Senguio is a small town close to Ciudad Hidalgo. Once a year its residents host the mushroom fair. They set up a long table full of identified wild mushrooms. Several stands […]

Activity leaders

You never know what to expect at the Bosque. Depending on the crowd, activities range quite a bit, both in quantity and type. People engage with each other to develop fun, deepness, and community by leading and participating in a wide variety of activities. Amazing people visit the Bosque and contribute to the vibe. Their […]

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