New Spanish Language Instructor: Mayo

Mayo from a nearby village has been a friend of ours for a few years. Over some beers at a recent town party, we noticed his natural talent for correcting our Spanish in an understandable way. Pair that with his basic English, he’s a great candidate for Spanish language practice.

Friendly, very outgoing (though he […]

Activity leaders

You never know what to expect at the Bosque. Depending on the crowd, activities range quite a bit, both in quantity and type. People engage with each other to develop fun, deepness, and community by leading and participating in a wide variety of activities. Amazing people visit the Bosque and contribute to the vibe. Their […]

Silk Screening Workshop

Cathy and Caitlin led a silk screening workshop! During the workshop participants designed images to print onto jeans, pieces of fabric, shirts, and hats.

The process is surprisingly simple and produces really nice results. Paul designed a turtle, Peggy designed something that is not Kokopelli but looks like him, and Silvia made a print of […]

Pine needle basket weaving class

We have a gazillion pine needles on the forest floor. For weaving baskets, the pine needles need to be long – at least 20 centimeters, or about 8 inches.

A women’s collective in Opopeo (a village about an hour from the Bosque) came to this area and taught the women here how to weave beautiful […]

Language exchange and learning at the Bosque

We now have a Spanish language teacher offering Spanish lessons and language exchange for visitors and volunteers who want to improve their language skills while staying here in the forest.

Raúl is originally from Mexico City, and will be living at the Bosque until at least August. He has been teaching for years, and has […]

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