Picnic to La Cascada de Piedras

There is a small pool and cool rock formations just fifteen minutes hike from the Bosque. For fun, we packed up cauliflower from our gardens, cucumber from a friend’s garden, homemade hummus and homemade flatbread, and went for a quick picnic.

We’re thinking of putting a geocache at this particular spot. Do any of […]

13th annual Mushroom Fair in Senguio, Michoacán

We traveled across the state to spend two nights in Senguio, Michoacán, for their annual mushroom fair (La Fería de Hongos).

Senguio is a small town close to Ciudad Hidalgo. Â Once a year its residents host the mushroom fair. Â They set up a long table full of identified wild mushrooms. […]

The Malpais

The Malpais, or “bad lands” is an area covered with volcanic rock near the Bosque. While nearby, the malpais is very different, providing a fun field trip for those interested in hiking around the area and enjoying a different ecology and somewhat surreal landscape.

The malpais is protected by a spirit named Maringa, who protects […]

Cerro Chivo

Yesterday we woke up at 5am and headed out on a hike to Cerro Chivo, one of the highest spots on this side of the lake.

We met our friend in La Zarzamora, who wanted to help us find a cave that is somewhere near Cerro Chivo where a bearded serpent lives (or so they […]

Exploring the Malpais

Today we began our exploration of the Malpais, or “Badlands”. The Malpais is an area very close to the Bosque that is covered by volcanic rock – therefore the ecology is quite a bit different than here in the forest.

The entire place is covered in windy trails, and there is a spirit there who […]

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